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Tenuta del Conte di Francesco Parrilla
Stefania Mezzetti
Az.Agricola La Gibiana
Fattoria di Cinciano S.r.l.
Tenuta Iuzzolini
Villa Sandi
Cantina Novelli S.r.l.
Cascina I Carpini
Marchesi de Gregorio
Via Isidoro la Lumia, 19/c 90139 - Palermo - Tel. +39 091.7816870 - Fax. +39 091.6123769
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Aziende Vinicole Palermo
Marchesi De Gregorio offers tours of the cellar that last about one hour with Italian and English guides that accompany the visitor explaining the details of all the steps in the transformation of the wine, from the arrival of the grapes at the cellar to the fermentation process, refining and finally bottling.
Following the wine tour, there is the tasting of at least two house wines at the shop at the entrance of the cellar.

The tour takes place from 9.00 to about 17.30.

Availability: all year on request.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us at the following numbe...(continua)
Antolini Pier Paolo e Stefano soc. agr.
Via Prognol, 22 37020 Marano di Valpolicella - Verona - Tel. +39 333.6546187 - Fax. +39 045.7755351
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Wineries Marano di Valpolicella
My brother Stefano and I have been farming grapevines since 1992 on our own land in the hilly region in the town of Marano, Valpolicella, San Pietro in Cariano and Negrar. The vines are positioned at a height between 150 m and 350 m which covers a total area of 7,5 hectares; the land is mainly of a clayey composition. The clay has the property of maintaining water which slowly filters through to the roots, for this reason in our vineyards we do not need an irrigation system. Another particularity is in the high temperature range, moreover the significant difference you will find between day an...(continua)
Azienda Agricola Ca' Bruzzo
Via Cavallo, 38 36040 San Germano dei Berici - Vicenza - Tel. +39 0444.868040 - Fax. +39 0444.868040
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Production of Quality Wines, Vineyard Tours & Exclusive Catered Events.
Five varieties of grapes are grown on these lush hillside vineyards for a total production of no more than 20,000 bottles of wine.
The Bruzzo's carry out all aspects of winemaking personally....(continua)
Cantina Sociale Luca Gentile Soc. Coop
Via Grumo, 1 70020 Cassano Delle Murge - Bari - Tel. +39 080.763294 - Fax. +39 080.763294
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Situated on the Murgia Barese founded in 1960 her Kind Wine cellar it is a Cooperative whose 500 partners wine-growers that annually confer around 60.000 qs.them of wine grapes. Modern techniques of vinificazione are used with control of the temperatures of fermentation, the cooperative is endowed with a new line of imbottigliamento. The experiences matured in about half century of history in the world of the cooperation united to the respect of the territory and of the tipicitās of the autochtonous grapes from his/her own associates they make him that the wines produced by the Cooperative can...(continua)
Tenimenti Angelini spa
Localitā Val di Cava 53024 Montalcino - Siena - Tel. +39 0577.80411 - Fax. +39 0577.849316
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Tenimenti Angelini, a Company of the Angelini Group, was founded in 1993 when the Angelini family bought Three estates in Tuscany: Val di Suga in Montalcino, Tenuta Tre Rose in Montepulciano and San Laeonino in Castellina in Chianti. Since the beginning our goal has always been to produce high quality DOCG wines. Our specialists take care of our vineyards (about 200 ha.) to have outstanding wines with a very good value for money....(continua)
Bed and Breakfast
Casa Vacanza Stefano Spallino
91100 Trapani - Trapani
Bed and Breakfast Sicily
The holiday house "Stefano Spallino" is a charming apartment situated in the historic center of Trapani.

The apartment has several beds and is equi...(continua)
Farm Holiday
Il Mandorleto
94100 Enna - Enna
Gerace is a typical agricultural area located in the Sicilian hinterland. It is an ideal place to pay a visit to the arc...(continua)
La Dispensa dell'Etna Snc
95012 Castiglione di Sicilia - Catania
In the historical centre of the medieval town of Castiglione di Sicilia, which has a great agricultural and artisan h...(continua)
Rent a Car
ADP Group srl
97100 Ragusa - Ragusa
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DONNARDEA cantina, vigneti e giardini
Azienda Agricola VIGNE DI MALIES
Az. Vitivinicola La Bruciata
Ca' di Rajo
Cantina e vigneti La Mincana
Cantina di Venosa
Agricole Alberto Longo
Antolini Pier Paolo e Stefano soc. agr.
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Pietro Beconcini agricola s.s.
Azienda Agricola Il Greppo
Azienda Agr. Russo&Longo s.n.c
Castel Venus Srl
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Cantina Barbolini
Azienda Agricola Conti Zecca
Az.Agr.Ciccio Zaccagnini sas
Cosimo Maria Masini – Tenuta di Poggio srl
Azienda Agricola Montefioralle di Sieni Alessia
Az. Agr. Cascina Zoina
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